The Beaver Dam Photography Class submitted their “still life” work to a panel of five professional photographers for evaluation in March. A “still life” not only has to follow all the technical rules of focus, color, and composition, but should also tell a story using only objects. Both indoor and outdoor still life work was turned in, and, as always, our judges supplied pages of commentary and suggestions for BDHS students.


Below were the winners.

Still Life Photo Contest

1st Place

Tie Cesar Ruiz   American Baseball

Shelby Draper Navigating Life (set of 3)

Judges Favorites

Kyla Bovard Silvertone

Janson Sherman The Fair God

Lexii Frickberg Stacked Books

Gi Wooten Book

Danielle Garlick Mourning Dishes


1st Place

ShelbyDraper Life so still

Judges Favorites

Kyla Bovard Single Drop

Kyla Bovard Deadfall

Shelby navigating life

Shelby navigating life 2

Shelby life so still

Shelby books and sexton

Lexii Stacked books 2

Kyla deadfall

Kyla A single drop

Kyla Silvertone

Janson The Fair God

Gi Notes

Danielle Garlick The Mourning Dishes

Cesar American Baseball