Every day is a new beginning, yet some don’t look at it this way. Mondays are usually considered the start of a new week and come quickly, as most usually begin work or school on this day…but times are changing.  Millennials have access to a variety of technology; this enables them to work wherever they are; the same goes for students, in which some are home schooled or taking night classes when looking to graduate earlier than others. What was once considered traditional is no longer the norm; so finding your purpose and passion in life can be challenging, regardless of age or gender.

At some point in time we get caught up in the chaos of life, and we find ourselves pondering our thoughts. There are bills to pay, daily tasks to accomplish, and the world continues on 7 days a week; leaving many to an untraditional lifestyle. This also affects older generations, as our kids don’t have 9-5 schedules any longer; everyone is feeling it. It can be lonely or empty for some, so finding passion in our life is necessary!

It doesn’t matter what day you start (remember every day is a new day), so make a list. You need to find the courage within to be true to yourself. Being aware of your needs and fulfilling those can be great for strengthening and enhancing your emotional well-being, so it’s important to identify those first, and then write them down. Don’t deny yourself happiness; don’t dwell on things you cannot change or make them complicated. This is a waste of time and energy, it is simply draining. The purpose of life revolves around love; that is what God intended for all of us. Do what you love to do and love yourself in the process. Accept all things and embrace them, your job, your family and friends (faults and all), what you have and your life will begin to change. Living your life in love brings grace and wholeness to each day, therefor bringing happiness to those you encounter no matter where you are. Finding passion is easier than most believe it to be; humans have a way of making it complicated. Always keep your face toward the sunshine at day and stars at night…looking up is the secret to life. Be content and remember… nobody has a perfect life, but be grateful each day for everything you have, and every day is a new beginning to start again; enjoy the little things today, one day when you look back you’ll realize how big they really were. Live life with passion! Don’t take it for granted. Life is nothing without LOVE … but ‘Nothing’ is simpler ~ (unknown).

Make your week count.