Many calls that the Police Department receives are not always included in the blotter, as they are under investigation or a synopsis is not received. To show the amount of work our PD does do, we are including a weekly roster of stats. This week, there were 182 total incidents in the blotter:

Abandoned vehicle 3

Agency assistance 6

Alarm 16

Animal pick up 3

Attempt to locate 2

Background investigation 2

Battery on person 3

Child locked in vehicle 1

Citizen assists 2

Civil matter 1

Controlled substance problem 4

Court order 1

Deliver message 1

Dispatch non LEO incident 1

Disturbance of school 1

Domestic trouble 2

Domestic violence 1


Found property 1

Fraud 1

Hit & Run 2

Intoxicated person 2

K9 search 1

Keep the peace 3

Lost property 4

Medical emergency 1

Mental person 1

Minor possessing/Consuming 1

Miscellaneous CAD call record 7

Missing person 2

Noise disturbance 1

Nuisance or minor disturbance 1

Parking problem 4

Person on foot 17

Phone harassment 1

Property damage, non-vandalism 4

Reckless Driver 4

Recovered stolen vehicle 2

Robbery alarm 1

Runaway juvenile 1

Sexual assault 1

Stolen vehicle 2

Suspicious person 14

Suspicious vehicle 2

Theft 8

Theft from vehicle 3

Traffic accident w/injuries 1

Traffic accident w/o injury 1

Traffic problem 2

Traffic stop 6

Transient assistance 1

Trespassing 2

Truancy 1

Unknown problem 3

Verbal disturbance 3

VIN number inspection 7

Wanted person 1

Weapon offense 1

Welfare Check 5


March 11:

Theft from vehicle: Report was taken for license plates taken off a parked vehicle.

Recovered stolen vehicle: Officers completed a report for a recovered trailer.

Battery on person: Officers responded to a Riverside Rd. residence reference a battery.  Upon arrival, officers determined a battery had occurred.  The victim requested to sign a citation against the offenders.  The offenders were located and issued citations for battery.

Suspicious vehicle: Officers responded to a N. Sandhill Blvd. business for a report of a person doing something in the back of a trailer after closing hours. Upon arrival there was no one around. It did appear as if someone went through the waste tires which are kept in a white trailer either for trash or recycle. It was undetermined if any waste tires were taken. These tires were not locked in the trailer.

Intoxicated person: Officers responded to a W. Mesquite Blvd. casino for a patron who was fighting with security. Upon arrival, Officers observed a intoxicated male causing a scene and fighting with security. The male was removed from the casino.

Stolen vehicle: Officer received a report of a stolen vehicle. The investigation is ongoing.

March 12:

Weapon offense: Officers responded to a report of a gun shot in the parking lot of an E. Pioneer Blvd. casino. There were no additional witnesses or evidence it had occurred. The RP was woken up by an intoxicated patron knocking on the wrong hotel door. The RP went back to sleep when he heard what appeared to be a gun shot.

Wanted person: Officer arrested one female for warrants.

Domestic trouble: Officers responded to an E. Sierra Vista Circle residence in reference to a domestic dispute.

Sexual assault: Officer spoke with a mandatory reporter wanting to make a report of a possible sexual assault on an elderly client.

Hit & Run: Officers responded to a W. Pioneer Blvd. business reference a hit and run accident on private property.

Traffic accident w/o injury: Officer responded to a two car collision, without injuries.

Theft from vehicle: Officers responded to the Mesquite Police Department reference a report of theft from a vehicle.

Fraud: A fraud investigation which is being conducted in Saint George Utah has involvement in Mesquite. The investigation is being forward to ISD for further investigation involving incidents which occurred in Mesquite.

March 13:

Runaway juvenile: An officer responded to a residence reference a runaway juvenile.

Suspicious person: Responded to report of suspected narcotics hidden in the bushes outside a W. Mesquite Blvd. casino. Officer recovered items which were logged into evidence.

Controlled substance problem: Officers and Detectives responded to a W. Mesquite Blvd. casino for a possible overdose.  Five suspects arrested on drug related charges.

Property damage, non –vandalism: An officer responded to a Hacienda Way residence in reference to vandalism.

Traffic stop: Officer stopped vehicle for speed in a school zone. Driver was arrested for driving while D/L

Hit & Run: Officer responded to a hit and run traffic accident. Suspect vehicle/driver was located and cited. Accident report was completed.

March 14:

Fraud: Officer responded to the lobby of the police department for a report of a possible fraud. Citizen reported that their credit report showed fraudulent accounts and needed a police report to dispute the accounts.

Minor gambling: Officers responded to a W. Mesquite Blvd. casino reference a minor gambling. One male was cited and released.

Sexual assault: An officer was contacted for a report of a possible sexual assault. The investigation is ongoing.

Civil matter: Officers took a report from a male concerning property that was pawned locally.

March 15:

Theft from vehicle: Officer responded to a report of a theft from vehicle and took a report.

Suspicious vehicle: An officer located a vehicle which had been abandoned on the roadway.  The vehicle was impounded and towed from the scene.

Agency assistance: Officer responded to an agency assist call at a local residence with Mesquite Paramedics. A report was taken for a deceased female.

Theft: Officer responded to a theft call at a N. Yucca St. gymnasium. Suspect was located and arrested for possession of stolen property along with other violations stemming from a separate incident.

Burglary: Officers responded to a call of a male subject with a gun. After investigation one male subject was taken into custody for burglary, theft and trespass charges.

Found property: Officers responded to the Mesquite Recreation Center to pick up a bicycle that had been left on property for approximately 2 weeks. The bicycle was booked into safekeeping at the Mesquite Detention Center.

Hit & Run: Officers responded to a Turtleback Rd. church to take a report of a hit and run that occurred in the church parking lot.

March 16:

Traffic accident w/o injury: Officer completed a report of an accident with no injuries.

Theft from vehicle: Officer completed a theft from motor vehicle report.

Theft: An officer responded to a Grayce Dr.  residence for a report of a stolen skateboard. The investigation is ongoing.

Person on foot: Officers made contact with a local female who was a suspect in a stolen vehicle incident. One female was taken into custody.

Burglary: Officer completed a burglary report on Hagens Aly.

Controlled substance problem: An officer conducted a traffic stop and observed signs of illegal activity. Approximately 1 pound of marijuana was located in the vehicle. The male driver was arrested.

March 17:

DUI: The officer conducted a traffic stop. The investigation was completed and the driver was arrested for DUI.