Many calls that the Police Department receives are not always included in the blotter, as they are under investigation or a synopsis is not received. To show the amount of work our PD does do, we are including a weekly roster of stats. This week, there were 147 total incidents in the blotter:

Abandoned vehicle 1

Agency assistance 8

Alarm 5

Animal noise 1

Animal pick up 2

Attempt to locate 2

Burglary 1

Citizen assists 7

Civil dispute 2

Dead body 1

Deliver message 1

Disorderly conduct 1

Domestic violence 1

File false police report 1

Found property 3

Fraud 1

Hit & run 2

Mental person 1

Miscellaneous CAD call record 6

Noise disturbance 1

Non LEO incident 1

Nuisance or minor disturbance 2

Parking problem 1

Past disturbance 1

Person on foot 5

Phone harassment 2

Property damage, non-vandalism 4

Reckless driver 4

Recovered stolen property 1

Recovered stolen vehicle 1

Robbery alarm 3

Sex offender verification 3

Suicidal person 1

Suspicious person 15

Suspicious vehicle 4

Theft 4

Threatening 2

TPO/restraining order 3

Traffic accident w/injuries 2

Traffic accident w/o injuries 5

Traffic problem 1

Traffic stop 2

Trespassing 3

Unknown problem 6

Vandalism 1

Verbal disturbance 1

VIN number inspection 13

Wanted person 1

Welfare check 7

March 4:

Traffic stop: Officer conducted traffic stop on adult male for excessive speed. Driver was arrested for FTA/Traffic.

Citizen assist: An officer received a request for information about a pervious incident.

Person on foot: Officer issued citation to pedestrian for jaywalking.

Citizen Assist: An officer responded to a report of a stolen vehicle. An information report was completed.

Domestic violence: Officers responded to a Topaz Ln. residence in reference to a domestic battery, an arrest of an adult female was made.

Traffic accident w/ injuries: Officers responded to a reported hit and run at a W. Mesquite Blvd. business.

Traffic accident W/O injury: Officers responded to a vehicle accident on private property with negative injuries. The driver stated her accelerator pedal stuck causing her to hit a park vehicle and push it into another parked vehicle. All owners were notified and information was exchanged.

March 5:

Threatening: Spoke with a complainant regarding a hand written note left on their door.

Property damage, non-vandalism: An officer responded to a Mesquite Springs Dr. residence on a report of property damage. An information report was completed.

Hit & Run: Officer responded to a report of a hit and run traffic accident. The investigation is ongoing.

March 6:

Agency assistance: Officers were dispatched to a Mesa Blvd. Casino for an agency assist. Upon arrival a intoxicated male became violent towards Security. The male was taken into custody.

Property damage, non- vandalism: An officer responded on a property damage call. The caller reported someone had thrown a rock at his residential window.

March 7:

Miscellaneous CAD call record: Officers are investigating and incident that occurred near Thistle St. involving two female juveniles.

Abandoned vehicle: An officer responded to a report of an abandoned vehicle on a public roadway. The vehicle was located and found to be unoccupied and blocking the flow of traffic.  The vehicle was impounded after failed attempts to locate its owner.

Hit & Run: Officers responded to a hit and run accident without injuries.  Officers located the suspect at a different location and subsequently placed the driver under arrest for DUI and other traffic violations.

Animal noise: Officers responded to a Thistle St. residence reference an animal noise complaint.

March 8:

Traffic accident w/o injury: Officer responded to a local intersection for a report of traffic accident.

Officer completed a traffic accident report.

Found property: Found property was turned into Mesquite Municipal Court. Officers secured the property into the evidence vault to be released.

Burglary: Officers responded to a burglary call at a Riverside Rd. apartment complex. Officers completed a report and are investigating the incident.

Found property: A citizen turned in lost property found Ace Hardware.

Dead body: Officers responded to an agency assist call at a Harrier Ln. residence. A female adult was deceased. The coroner arrived and examined the body, and determined there was no foul play involved in her death.

Traffic accident w/ injuries: Officer responded to a local intersection for a report of a traffic accident.

Officer completed a traffic accident report.

Past disturbance: An officer was dispatched to a W. First North St. residence  in reference to a disturbance that had happened at a different location, a short time earlier.

Suicidal person: Officers were dispatched to a Second South St. address, in reference to a suicidal subject.  This subject was located and he denied that he was suicidal.

March 9:

Recovered stolen property: Officer located an unoccupied vehicle parked suspiciously at an intersection. The vehicle was not report stolen however; the license plate was reported stolen out of another jurisdiction. The plate was recovered and the vehicle was impounded.

Vandalism: Officers completed a property damage report.

Wanted person: Officers conducted a traffic stop for a minor traffic violation. One of the occupants was arrested on an outstanding Mesquite Municipal court warrant.

Civil dispute: Officers completed a written report for a verbal dispute call.

Recovered stolen vehicle: Officer was dispatched to the police department for a report of a vehicle that was located in Mohave County that was stolen from our jurisdiction. Owner was notified their vehicle was located.

Traffic accident w/o injury: Officers responded to a non-injury accident. Both drivers exchanged insurance information and officers completed an accident report.

Fraud: Officers responded to the Mesquite Police Department reference a report of tax fraud.

Property damage, non-vandalism: Officers responded to a W. Pioneer Blvd. business reference property damage by a vehicle.

March 10:

Theft: An officer responded to a theft report at a N. Sandhill Blvd.  gas station. The investigation is ongoing.

File false police report: Officers responded to a report of an armed robbery.  Officers conducted an investigation and determined the incident was fabricated.  The reporting person was taken into custody for false report to police and obstruction of justice.

Reckless driver: An officer was dispatched to locate a reckless driver.  An adult male subject was taken into custody for open container of alcohol in a motor vehicle.