The Environment Management Program of the Department of Energy has been doing clean up and resolving environmental concerns within the Nevada Nuclear Security Site (NNSS), located northwest of Las Vegas.  Formally known as the Nevada Test Site, the NNSS was the nuclear testing area during a number of years just after the 1950’s and includes Industrial Facilities, Soil Contamination, Groundwater Movement, Radioactive Waste Disposal as well as Waste Transportation.  All this work has been over-viewed, monitored and permitted by the State of Nevada, Environmental Management.

During most of the cleanup work there has been an Advisory Board in place (Nuclear Security Site Advisory Board, NSSAB) of which I am currently a member for the community of Mesquite and surrounding areas.  The NSSAB has an interest in finding, by survey and personal discussions, how individuals adjacent to the nuclear site know/feel about the ongoing work.  The goal is to determine how best to keep the citizens informed regarding the cleanup work and results.

To conduct the survey, I plan to personally visit several locations around Mesquite and surrounding communities to talk with individuals and business leaders during the months of March, April, May 2018.  If you like, the survey may also be found on line at or you may contact me at

Richard T. Twiddy

Member, NSSAB