WCFA’s featured pet is Rascal.  Rascal is new to WCFA.  He is a very handsome 8 month old feline.  He is shy right now and adjusting to his new foster home.  Rascal is altered, current on vaccines and micro chipped.  His owner can no longer care for him so Rascal needs a new loving home.


If you are interested in any of our pets, please go to www.wecareforanimals.org  where you can see all of our adoptable pets and you can complete an adoption application. For more information call us at 702-346-3326 (voicemail), call Karen at 435-862-9574 or Linda at 702-376-1642. Next pet adoption is February 24, 2018,  9:30 am – 12:30 pm.  PLEASE NOTE WE WILL BE AT A NEW LOCATION:  51 E. First North St., Mesquite (Historical gym/old boxing club). We will continue at this location at least until the end of May, 2018.   Questions? Email us at wcfanv@gmail.com.  Follow us on Facebook at facebook.com/wecareforanimalsmesquitenv.  Please call us to schedule a visit with our pets at a mutually convenient time. 

Other Available Pets:


Fiona is about 16 weeks old and is one of the friendliest kittens you will meet. She loves to be with people and loves to receive love and attention. Fiona is current on her vaccines and will be altered on February 20th. She is a sweet girl and will be a wonderful family addition. 


None at this time.  


Miss Charlie is on sleep over and will be adopted this next week.


WCFA offers a wonderful low-cost/free opportunity to spay/neuter your pets to prevent accidental litters and keep your pet happy and healthy. We will always alter feral cats to be released back in their environment.  Our target areas are Mesquite, Bunkerville and the Arizona Strip.  Spay/Neuter Assistance Applications are available at Mesquite Veterinary Clinic located at 371 Riverside Road and Virgin Valley Veterinary Hospital at 660 Hardy Way.  You may also call WCFA at 702-346-3326 to leave a message or visit wecareforanimals.org to contact us by email.  Half of all litters born in the U.S. are accidents that overburden shelters and rescues.  

Pet Facts

  • 94% of pet owners say their animal pal makes them smile more than once a day.
  • The American Veterinary Dental Society states that 80% of Dogs and 70% of cats show signs of oral disease by age 3.

Cat Facts

  • Cats have 32 muscles in each ear.
  • Cats have 4 rows of whiskers.
  • Cats have no collarbone, which is one reason they are so flexible.
  • Cats spend approximately 30% of their waking hours grooming themselves.
  • “American Shorthair” is the designation reserved for pedigreed cats, while similar-looking cats of mixed or unknown origin are called “domestic shorthairs.”
  • Feline’s jaws cannot move sideways.
  • Cats have over one hundred vocal sounds, while dogs have about ten!
  • Cat whiskers are so sensitive they can detect the slightest change in air current.
  • Cats have 26 baby teeth and 30 permanent teeth.

Dog Facts

  • Dalmatians are born without spots!  They are born with plain white coats with their first spots appearing after they are 1week old.
  • Dogs sweat through their foot pads to help keep them cool.  They also keep cool by panting.
  • Greyhounds are the world’s fastest dogs with the ability to reach up to 45 mph.
  • Every dog has a unique nose print with no two alike.
  • The Basenji, an African wolf dog, does not bark in a normal way but may yodel or scream when excited!
  • Snoopy, from Charles M. Schultz’s “Peanuts” comic strip, is a beagle.
  • A dog’s sense of smell is 1000 times greater than a human!
  • Nine percent of dog owners will have a birthday party for their pet.
  • Dogs have 28 baby teeth and 42 permanent teeth.