The Mesquite City Council comprises the RDA board, which is devoted to funding permanent facility upgrades on properties located within specific tax districts. The two signs requested by the Rising Star fit within the parameters of the requirements necessary to be awarded the funds.

The RDA approval was strictly for funding the new signs. The Rising Star will be required to submit building permits and zoning approvals at a later date for the actual construction of the signs.

Greg Lee, Rising Star Sports Ranch president, told the RDA board that the cost of the signs is estimated at $179,476 plus an additional $20,522 in permit fees. The Rising Star will share the full costs of the project with the RDA on a 50/50 split according to RDA guidelines.

RDA monies are funded solely by properties located within special tax districts and currently holds a fund balance of nearly $5 million. Aaron Baker, assistant to the city manager, said that $250,000 had been budgeted for projects in the current fiscal year but that no other businesses had applied for the money. After the Rising Star approval on Tuesday $150,000 remains in the budgeted amount for other businesses to apply for permanent upgrades to their facilities.

The Rising Star Sports Ranch underwent a $20 million renovation after Lee purchased the property several years ago. Previously, it had been a shuttered hotel casino since 2000 owned by Mesquite Gaming.

In his application to the RDA board, Lee said “Now that we have been open for a year, it is clear that we need improved signage both from the freeway and on Sandhill Boulevard. After being closed for almost 20 years, this corner needs to clearly show it is open for business, as we have found potential guests remain confused if we are open for business and whether we are a hotel or only a sports facility.”

The tallest sign at approximately 100 feet will be located between the fieldhouse and I-15 on the north side of the facility. A second, 25-foot sign will be located at the front of the hotel on Sandhill Boulevard. The signs will have static messages rather than changing LED messages. Lee said that LED capability can be added later but it was too expensive starting