Entrepreneurs are all over the map these days; literally. They’ve taken a creative route to be in business for themselves and will bring it right to your door; that’s right…these people have gone beyond the food trucks, bringing unique ideas for mobile businesses everywhere. People who want to start their own business for the first time are looking at start-up costs, which can be hefty when leasing space in a strip mall or elsewhere, so having a lower overhead by being mobile makes sense.

Having experience in a specific retail end business can be ‘Key’ to success, however…those that aren’t shy and have the willingness to learn have just as much chance as those well-seasoned people. Knowing what your niche’ is in products, foods, and services can give you an edge in creating your own business style when going mobile; check out the book ‘The Complete Idiots Guide in Starting a Food Truck Business.’ I haven’t read any material in this specific book, but my guess is no matter what business you’d like to start, it can be used as a reference. When contemplating your business you should always take a look at trucks available in your area. There are builders who will design what you want (for a price of course), and then there are those looking for already made custom trucks. You can find them on e-bay and also at https://www.usedvending.com/c/mobile-business-trucks-mobile-business-trailers/ . Prior to investing your hard earned dollars, be sure to check with your city as to proper licensing, rules and regulations. Finding other trucks/owners of similar businesses in the area is also recommended. Educating yourself with the facts can help guide you in the right direction; especially if others have failed before you. Having a plan is crucial, but don’t be afraid of failure. Fear is the number one cause of ‘why’ people get stuck in jobs they’re not passionate about; so make sure your business choice is what you really want to do.

Businesses on wheels have people taking their passions to all sorts of levels. I’ve found some I never knew existed, such as ‘Luxury on the Go’ mobile champagne bars. As great as it sounds, it’s definitely a bit harder to acquire licenses…but a great idea for wedding parties, etc. Another business I liked was ‘The Shoe Chick’ which is Paint Parties on-the-go; located… where else (?) Las Vegas, Nevada. Other Mobiles, just to list a few; Auto Detailing, Salons, Pet Groomers, Lock Smiths, Book Mobile, Extreme Game Trucks and Curbside Cupcakes; anything goes today. As for me, I’ve often thought about ‘Lisa’s Tacos’ which would be my own version that everyone loves, not to mention some guacamole, but I’m feeling a bit too tired to start that idea. Anyhow…for those who have given thought to taking a business idea and making it mobile “Hats off to you!” Be proud and give it all you got; so even if it fails…always know you can move on to the next thing and remember…words by Confucius ; “Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure” … “Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time we fail.”


Make your week count.