Dear Editor, 

Thank you!  to our community and to the major supporters of the Mesquite Cancer HELP Society “MCHS”.  2017 brought us a significant increase in clients.  Faced with unfamiliar challenges, they do not have to stand alone. “MCHS” is here to immediately help them 

deal with all obstacles of their illness and provide them with the tools necessary to better

manage their daily life while at the same time dealing with cancer.   

We begin 2018, our 18th year, with continued service to our Mesquite-Virgin Valley clients and are especially dedicated to making sure they do not feel or stand alone. On occasion we receive a call from someone who is upset that we have not contacted a particular cancer patient.  We must explain that, “We do not seek out cancer clients nor impose ourselves; the patient or family must contact us.  Too often when a cancer client comes to see us they say, “I wish I had come sooner.”  Of key importance is that a client can only receive assistance once they have filled out an application for help.  Some requirements must be fulfilled but are uncomplicated. Assistance begins the day they apply and IS NOT retroactive (we do not pay old bills that have accumulated.)  For this reason we encourage cancer patients to meet with us right after diagnoses.  There are countless services, personal and financial, that are provided to clients but few make the effort to get help immediately and are then plagued with bills and issues that we at MCHS could easily help with. 

We have gained a reputation for our trustworthiness, dedication, and commitment to keep all funds raised, local.  Our major donors and sponsors have made certain we continue in a path that reinforces our continued existence, the Oasis Golf Club + the Oasis Women’s Golf Association have for 7+ years put on a major yearly event “Valley Rally” of which the majority of monies are donated to MCHS, DO IT BEST CORP employees by way of the United Way have been key supporters for 6+ years.  We want to thank ever single business that has at one time or another stepped up to the plate doing a fundraiser.  Also “thank you” to every single person and/or family for their donations that we receive monthly; it has a major impact on our con-tinued success and drive to emphasize our motto, “Together WE Can Make A Difference!” 

 We recognize there are numerous well deserving non-profit organizations in and around our

Community; this makes your generous support even more meaningful and appreciated.  Your

contributions allow us to set the criterion for service at a level where we can reach as many cancer patients as possible.  

With great appreciation, 

Yoli Bell, Founder/President

Mesquite Cancer HELP Society