The Ms. Senior Mesquite Pageant announces changes to the age and geographical location requirements in order to coincide with the Ms. Senior Nevada State Pageant requirements.

Senior women age 55 or older are now eligible to enter the Pageant. The previous minimum age was 60. Also, senior ladies are not required to live in Mesquite or have a Mesquite address.  In order to accommodate women whose smaller rural communities are not able to conduct a pageant, eligibility extends to within a 50 mile radius of Mesquite, including Arizona.

The Ms. Senior Mesquite and Nevada State Pageants celebrate mature senior ladies and all that life has formed them to be. Not a “beauty” pageant, instead, a showcase of women’s contributions in life and community, sharing what they have accomplished.

The 2018 Pageant takes place on April 7, 2018. The deadline to apply to be a 2018 contestant is January 31, 2018. Please contact President, Joni Robinson at 702-612-4736, hrobin@mesquite