Dec. 28, 1908: C.M.Peterson and wife of Moapa are spending the holidays here (Littlefield) and buying land.Mr Peterson has a house in Moapa that he intends to bring here and put up to live in.

Dec. 28, 1912: A goodly number of our townspeople (Bunkerville) spent the day in Mesquite yesterday having different kinds of sport. A game of ball between the married and and single men was played. The married won. There will be a rematch tomorrow in Bunkerville and we are sure the single men will win this one.

Dec. 29, 1910: A marriage licence was issued by Co Clerk Woodbury Dec 24 for Mr. Henry M. Adams of Bunkerville and Miss Eunice H Guber of Santa Clara.

Dec. 29, 1910: Abram Woodbury of Mesquite  sold out a load of honey here (Overton) last week. He and Stephen Bunker and others from Bunkerville made a trip to the salt mine before returning home.

Jan. 3, 1911: Dudley Leavitt is out again after a severe illness. his wife is also much improved in health.

Jan. 3, 1911: The town seems dull now that the holidays are over.