Christmas means different things for different people; like keeping family traditions and shopping…or planning festivities, baking goodies and, or dinner. In the spirit of Christmas, many will think about the past, present and future.

Christmases past reminds me of childhood days and family gatherings. It was a time when we had great-grandparents as well as grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. As time goes by, the disappearance of those loved ones leads us to change, at times leaving behind fond memories which warm our hearts. Some of us will pass on those traditions we remember, while others pave ways to make new ones. The spirit of Christmas keeps me young at heart. I’m forever grateful for the memories and yearn for that spirit to remain within, while hoping to relive some of the magic from the past.

Every year brings new chapters to our lives, and with Christmas around the corner I’m determined to share the spirit with others. Many families, like my own, are separated due to distance…but I am fortunate to have other family close by. For those that haven’t family or friends nearby and are spending it alone, you may find the spirit of Christmas in a church, shelters or in city streets; better yet, put on music or a movie while staying in your pajamas all day. The spirit lies within you, body and soul.

I’m very reminiscent of past Christmases, yet filled with excitement making new plans for the present and looking ahead to celebrate future ones. Listening to my favorite songs and seeing movies like… The Christmas Story; Miracle on 34th St., Elf and Charlie Browns Christmas, will always give me the fuzzy feeling I long for. I absolutely love the spirit of Christmas…and while I may not be understood by some, I pray…that you too, may find the spirit within. I will leave you with an example of The Christmas Spirt by an unknown author.

I am the Christmas Spirit.

I enter the home of poverty, causing pale-faced children to open their eyes wide in pleased wonder.

I cause the miser’s clutched hand to relax and thus paint a bright spot on his soul.

I cause the aged to renew their youth and to laugh in the glad old way.

I keep romance alive in the heart of childhood and brighten sleep with dreams woven of magic.

I cause eager feet to climb dark stairways with filled baskets, leaving behind them hearts amazed at the goodness of the world.

I cause the prodigal to pause a moment on his wild, wasteful way, and send to anxious love some little token that releases glad tears—tears which wash away the hard lines of sorrow.

I enter dark prison cells, reminding scarred manhood of what might have been, and pointing forward to good days yet to come.

I come softly into the still, white home of pain; and lips that are too weak to speak just tremble in silent, eloquent gratitude.

In a thousand ways I cause the weary world to look up into the face of God, and for a little moment forget the things that are small and wretched.

I am the Christmas Spirit.

Have a Blessed Holiday.