MCEF would like to thank the Mesquite community for supporting our Yee-Haw fundraiser.  The funds that were donated will help our Senior scholarship program grant scholarships to those who need support to further their dreams.

The Foundation would also like to thank those who participated in our fundraiser.  Thanks to the VVHS Culinary Department, Chef Chris and his students for the excellent BBQ dinner; the Music Department, under the direction of Marie Palmer and Kendra Graf; the FFA instructor Jeri-Lyn Bunnell and her students for the beautiful table centerpieces; and the our cheerleaders, under the direction of Joni Thornley for the fine job of making it a fun evening with girl’s line dance, including the audience as participants.

The Foundation would like to thank those businesses that contributed items:  Smith’s for the water, Danielles for the candy bouquet, Eureka for the dinner tickets, Mitchell Ozaki for the honey, Falcon Ridge for the turkey roll, and Wolf Creek Golf.  Thanks to every donor and guest who helped make this event a winner for VVHS,

We also would like to thank the Mesquite Local News for always promoting our Foundation and following our activities.


Mesquite Community Education Foundation