December 8, 1919: Littlefield, We are having awful cold weather here now, coldest we have had for some years. Thanksgiving we had seven inches of snow on the ground; very unusual for Littlefield.

December 9, 1908: Jos H Reber has been to Bunkerville, Nevada, to attend a meeting of the board of directors of the telephone company. It is the intention of the company to commence setting poles from Mesquite to St George immediately; this is a thing much needed by the people, let’s hurry it along.

December 10, 1912: Littlefield, AZ, We are very sorry to state that our teacher Mr. Sherman is going to quit our school on Dec 20th owing to the great distance and expectation of going to Kingman to take examination. He is a graduate of the Branch Normal school of Cedar City, UT and all our teachers were granted permission to teach without taking the examination. We feel it is not fair as Mr. Cooper is one of the best teachers we have ever employed.

December 10, 1913: Littlefield, AZ, Work at the “Narrows” (mouth of the Virgin River Gorge) is progressing very rapidly. Our town is quite alive with strangers passing to and from the dam; there are more strange faces that we see than familiar ones. Crowds of fours and eights have passed through here on route to the railroad.

December 10, 1915: Born a son to Mr. and Mrs. Brigham Hardy; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Ira Leavitt .

December 11, 1915:  Bunkerville, NV, Last Saturday the High School Basketball team played Overton; the score was 22 to 85 in favor of Bunkerville.

December 11, 1915: Bunkerville, NV, A bundle (bridal) shower was given for Miss Winona Earl last night by Miss Ella Hafen at the home of Juanita Leavitt, a dainty lunch and punch was served.

Dec. 10, 1910: There are fourteen men and teams out on the county road between Littlefield and Beaver Dam to haul clay onto the Sandhill, which will make one of the best roads in the county. The county is putting the money up and the people are donating time. The job should last about ten days.

Dec. 12, 1910: It is reported that all the ore teams hauling from Grand Gulch will be laid off until after the holidays. The miners are going home to spend time with their families.