By Abbey Snow

Jesus Zapata-Hernandez has been identified by the Clark County Coroner as the man who was killed by a semi-truck on Nov. 10 in Mesquite on highway I-15 before exit 122.    

Public Information Officer at Mesquite Police Department Quinn Averett said Zapata-Hernandez was hit Friday morning around 5:30 a.m., by a semi-truck while he was in the middle of two lanes of travel. 

This occurred a few hours after he committed three burglaries in Mesquite Thursday night, Averett said.  

“The burglaries were by forced entry through the windows of two businesses, and one empty office building,” Averett said.  

Averett said the man was not actively being pursued at the time he was on the freeway. They do not know if it was a suicide or accidental.   

“It is a very sad incident; our heart goes out to his family,” Averett said. “We do not know why he committed the burglaries or why he was on the freeway.”