November 16, 1910: We have had a beautiful rain. It commenced to fall during the night Saturday and rained Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, making everything look beautiful.

November 16,1910: Wm C. Bowman, Edw. Bunker, Ed Cox, Ben Bunker and Ab. Leavitt have gone to Las Vegas as journeymen.

November 18, 1912: Nephi Johnson our Justice of the Peace came to town (Littlefield) he found he had lost a box of valuable books he has back gone to look for them.

November 19, 1917: Cold weather has set in now; there is snow on the mountains.

November 21, 1910: Albert Frehner left (from Washington county) Monday for Littlefield, Arizona. He has made up about 325 gallons of molasses at St Thomas this fall.

November 21, 1913: An automobile came from Salt Lake City last Sunday, it gotten miles from the Narrows (entrance to the virgin valley gorge) and broke down. They pulled it back to camp with eight horses.