Sandra was born in Montana in the little town of Butte.  Sandra’s Father was a salesman and traveled a lot throughout the Western United States.

​Sandra grew up in Ogden, Utah and graduated from Ogden High School.  Sandra was always interested in art and took all of the classes she could in high school.  After graduating from high school she attended the University of Utah majoring in Home Economics and art.

​After Sandra got married, her husband became a pilot for Trans World Airlines.  She did a lot of traveling throughout the World and the United States.  During this time she lived in Long Island, New York spending a lot of time in New York City.  She also lived in Florida and Phoenix, Arizona.  ​While Sandra was living in Long Island she started painting and doing art work.  She painted with acrylics.

​When she made her permanent home in Cedar City, Utah, Sandra attended Southern Utah State College (SUSC), which is now known as Southern Utah University (SUU).  She took some art classes and her professor talked her into obtaining a Degree in Art.  She spent a lot of time working with watercolors, oil paints and printmaking.  In 1983 Sandra graduated with a Bachelors of Art Degree with a Minor in Home Economics.

​Sandra was really interested in printmaking, but it wasn’t conducive doing it in her art studio, so she spent the majority of her time painting with watercolors and oil paints.  Because watercolors and oil paintings are so different, she spent more time perfecting her skills in watercolors.

​After graduation Sandra again started traveling all over the world, which was a great experience.  She was able to visit many art galleries, art exhibits and see many pieces of artwork by famous artists.  She spent time in Munich Germany, Rome Italy, Vienna Austria, Zurich, Switzerland, Brussels, Belgium and Athens, Greece.  Sandra also traveled throughout France from Paris to Cannes.  All of this travel was a great experience, very informative and had a great influence on her artwork.

​Today Sandra’s artwork is greatly influenced by the beauty of the Utah’s Red Canyon Areas, Northern Arizona and Southern Nevada landscapes.

​Sandra has received an Honorable Mention award from the VVAA and Blue Ribbons at the Iron County Fair in Parowan, Utah.  She has displayed her artwork at the Braithwaite Fine Art Gallery at SUU and at the Southern Utah Watercolor Association in Cedar City, Utah.  In July Sandra will be showing her artwork at the Iron Mission State Historical Monument in Cedar City.