In the world of volunteer jobs, the opportunities are endless. Many years ago, one would think about going to a local church, a community facility or Salvation Army in order to find a volunteer job, however that is no longer the ‘norm.’ Volunteer opportunities are everywhere and anywhere you can possibly imagine. It’s a big world out there and finding the right fit for anyone is possible… regardless of age.

Starting with creating care packages for our U.S. Troops during the Gulf War, I felt it was vital to take my daughters to this volunteer job, so they’d be able to understand the need for such services, and the importance of selfless acts. In later years we served in soup kitchens, and took up collections such as toiletries and clothing, which were later distributed among shelters. I took a personal interest in my church and decided to serve there as well; some of my fondest memories are those days. A couple years back I leaped into Salvation Army and wanted to help with Toys for Tots at Christmastime; another feel-good moment. However, my latest volunteer job has led me to something out of the ordinary…working with disabled children on a ranch with horses. It is therapeutic, not only for them but me as well; it is completely gratifying. The love and compassion which truly exists here is simply amazing. The commitment from families and volunteers are incredible, and the smiles on their faces (parents and child) …words are not needed, you feel it…body and soul. In a world of volunteering, it soothes the soul…and much more.

Searching for the right volunteer job can take a bit of time, so allow a couple of hours when looking. There are endless opportunities in different positions, not to mention the location factor. I had no idea you could go almost anywhere in the world, whether you are alone or in a group, the choices are unbelievable; there’s something for everyone. For people wanting to have a cultural experience and never thought financially possible, there are ways to do it by volunteering, whether here in the states or internationally. At you can find out how it works and what destinations and projects are current. If you’d like to speak to someone directly you may call 1-888-839-3535. There are many organizations that are doing wonderful work, and if working with people isn’t quite your cup of tea, there are ocean projects and archeology, not to mention… people interested in saving Trees all over the world. You can also check out or for 2018 best projects and organizations. If you’re looking for something easier, in a close proximity, you can always search at for local openings.

Volunteering is a tremendous way to reach out and make a difference in this life. It’s healing in many forms; taking your mind off of your own problems and, or realizing your problems aren’t bad at all, as things could always be much worse. There are blessings to see in every day, even when the news is bad. It’s about retraining your thought process and making it more positive, clearing out those negative dust bunnies in your head. Volunteering can bring many surprises to your life, while being very satisfying. If I can make someone smile just once in my day, then it’s been a great day all the way around. After all…we are all human.

Make your week count.