Nov 1, 1908: Gardener Potter, son of William G. and Artimisha M. Potter passed away. We feel to say God comfort the bereaved ones. He leaves a wife and three small children.

Nov 2, 1910: A disastrous fire at the home of Jas. S Abbott, practically destroying it. The townspeople worked hard to extinguish the the fire saving part of the household goods.

Nov 3, 1908: While Sam Reber Jr and part of his family were out for a ride, driving a high-spirited team (of horses) the tongue of the buggy came down and the team almost became unmanageable. Had it not been for the cool mindedness of Sam, a serious accident might have followed. It should be a warning to him and others to be more careful.

Nov 4, 1911: Many Bunkerville youth attended a Halloween Character Ball in Overton.

Nov 8,1912: Monday the schools and a goodly number of people went to Mesquite to attend the circus.

Nov 8, 1912:  Orange Leavitt is making molasses.