What about Mueller’s investigation of Trump’s campaign concluding with the Russians? It seems that he and this team has hooked a few fish, a very few expensive fish at that. After months and months of work on the case we do have some big time criminals and crimes, one for lying and one for not reporting income to the IRS. Of course one or two will deny their crimes but still justice must be served.

These people must pay a high price for their appalling crimes, after all this was one of the most expensive investigations of all time. The cost was driven by the high price talent where the leader of the prosecution team was able to recruit some of our very best Democratic lawyers. We also had to have a large number of attorneys (16) to uncover these miscreants.  Even with their very best it took months and months to discover these deep cover crimes.

They are hoping that they also might unmask other criminals who are hiding.  By flipping these bad guys they are hoping to get bigger fish to fry and lower the cost per fish. It works like this, you catch a very small fish and put it on a heaver line and bigger hook and get the next size up. If they are able to extend this out they might catch a whale within their lifetime, but probably not.

Another complication has arisen where the action seemed to really be with Hillary and her dealings with the Russians. The problem seemed to come out of the fact that while Secretary of State the Russians gave millions to her and her husband’s charity and had him speak in Russia for twice his normal speaking fee. All this, while lining up a deal on Uranium. Now the deal is done they haven’t asked him back to speak or given any more donations to the charity. I guess he was not that good a speaker or maybe they did not like his subject matter.

But let us return to the criminals who were indicted, the one who lied is the most serious as not only is it against our law, it is against God’s law too. Execution would be the most appropriate. This would teach a lesson to all people who should know not to ever lie and if they did, off with their heads. Of course, those in government would be exempt from this rule. If the rules were to be enforced in government we would lose all our seasoned politicians and their staff. Thinking about it, it would wipeout our government altogether. Let’s go for it!