Oct 25, 1921: Myron Leavitt of Bunkerville is spending a few days here (Gunlock UT) on Business.

Oct 28, 1916: County Superintendent, G.F. Anderson (of Las Vegas) has been visiting our school this week

Mrs. Annie Lee of Overton is cooking at Bunker Hotel.

Oct 30, 1915: Last night the High School gave a “Halloween Party” Some of those that dressed for the occasion kept the rest guessing as to who they were. They sold cake and chocolate, and all seemed to have a jolly old time.

Nov 1, 1909: Jack frost visited us for the first time on the 29th, turning tender plants black. The fifth cutting of lucerne is all stacked and the 6th crop is growing nicely.

Robert Reber has gone to Pine valley for potatoes.

Nov 1, 1918: Irrigation District for Rio Virgin Valley. Col. J.G.Scrugham, state engineer, returned to Las Vegas Sunday evening from the Rio virgin Valley, where he conferred with the people on the water situation. Petitions are now being circulated among the people preparatory to organizing the irrigation district.