Mesquite Firefighter Norman Nielsen, left, received the 2017 Safety Officer Award Recognition (SOAR) award from Jake Noll, President of Rotary Club of Mesquite. Photo by Barbara Ellestad.

The Rotary Club of Mesquite and the Mesquite Sunrise Rotary announced their 2017 Safety Officer Award Recognition (SOAR) awards at the city council meeting on Oct. 24.

Mesquite Fire and Rescue Honors went to Firefighter/Critical Care Paramedic Norman Nielsen and Captain John Gately. Nielsen was honored for his work in saving a patient’s life during transport to a hospital. Gately was cited for his development of the department’s Critical Care Transport paramedic program that was launched last year.

Mesquite Police Department Honors were presented to Detective Sergeant John Woods, Detectives Gary Erickson, David Alejos, and Wyatt Oliver along with Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officers Nate Jones and Chris Kohntopp and Clark County Fire Department Arson Investigator Linda Poe.

The officers were recognized for their work in investigating several arson fires in the Bunkerville and Mesquite areas and apprehending the arsonist before lives were lost and property and homes destroyed.