The last time I talked about hate I got plenty of feedback and most of it has to be dealt with so here goes.

Elgin wrote in part; “Fat Cats in Washington, especially the Senators, do not want changes. They feel that the taxpayer owes them their great life style and benefits, and that they are the only ones that know what is best for the country. Actually, the only thing they know is how to raise money and how to get re-elected. Answer this question; “How can a new Senator with little personal wealth, raise millions to get elected, and then become one of the wealthiest in this country by doing nothing except attend meetings?” — What a great question, is that not the question of where we are today? They are living the good life while the rest of the folks struggle and they think they are smarter than all of us, maybe they are right.

Then Terry writes; “The KKK was founded by Democrats, but it isn’t the Democratic Party that the Klan seeks out today.” — Unfortunately, all we have to do is look at the cities controlled by the democrats to see worse conditions for the black population where gangs and drugs run wild, where good people huddle inside their homes afraid to go outside. The real shame is that the voters that keep them in power, are those that they have left powerless.

David writes that; I’m confused by the facts, but the true fact is that the Republicans supported the Civil Rights Act by 80% in the Senate 69% in the House. He also said “You can thank Liberals for the abolishment of slavery.” — That is true, but look at the way some are living now, afraid to go outside because of the gangs. Why do these liberals now support the drug trade and gangs running wild? Is not the way some are forced to live a form of slavery where the government supports you and you are beholding to them for your food and housing?

Elgin later states; “Terry, it is about time that you Democrats face up to and admit that you have started the modern hate movement.” — How true, those radicals in the street with masks and with support of the Democratic Party, the Party does not condemn them, and the democratic mayors reigns in the police so they can run unchecked, looting, burning and even attacking police.

Michael has some good thoughts stating that; “I sometimes think the hatred and animosity are old themes. The only difference is the ability to broadcast your thoughts.” –Hate and animosity is certainly in the DNA of some and with Twitter and other social media they sure can fine others with the same traits.

Connie said; “We have a generation of young people who were taught revisionist history, thereby they believe what they are doing is right and just.” — I agree that they have been taught revision history but do they really believe that what they are doing is right and just? If that is true, our schools are not teaching right from wrong.

Terri said “I, we CERTAINLY don’t walk in one another’s shoes and we shouldn’t be telling one another HOW to think.” — How true, however we should be able to have an open discussion of ideas and the direction our country should take not mobs attacking and shutting down any dialog.

And lastly Steve said; “WOW! What a bunch of nonsense over a bunch of crap that has nothing to do with any of us in Mesquite.” — Steve I disagree, we all have a stake in this country and the direction it goes. We support our ideas and our candidates. We may be asmall town, but just maybe an idea or group of ideas might reach those in power. Someone said Trump had no chance but little towns like ours rose up and changed how the country is being run. If people in America under British rule in the 18th century had said “it was a bunch of Crap this talk of independence, where would we be today?