On Friday, Sept. 1 at approximately 2 p.m. a tractor trailer blew a tire causing the driver to lose control of the vehicle and rip out approximately seventy-five feet of guardrail before coming to a stop at the top of the embankment. The accident occurred on the Northbound lane between mile markers four and five, just a short distance from the wreck that occurred on Aug. 3 and for the same reason.

The driver, an employee of Specialized Transportation, stated that he had his vehicle in for a full inspection, which included the tires, within the past 90 days. He’s unsure of exactly how the blowout occurred but guesses that the high temperatures and the heat of the road was a contributing factor.  The driver was not injured.

Tips for tire care on hot roadways:

Before you hop in your car to drive on the hot roads this summer, experts suggest you check your tires. Taking that couple of extra minutes could save you hundreds of dollars.

Mechanics say it all comes down to air pressure. For every 10-degree temperature change, tire pressure changes one to two pounds. For some, it’s the weathering and rot they need to be concerned about, especially if they have a trailer that has been in storage all winter. Mechanics suggest shining a flashlight on the tire’s sidewall to look for cracks. If you have cracks on the tire, get it off your car.

Those things combined with hot roads increases the risk for a blowout, especially if you run over a buckle in the road.

Experts say you should check your tire pressure monthly, and you can bring your car in to most tire places to check and fill up the air for free. They say getting your tires rotated with every oil change also helps extend the life of your tires.