I just finished reading Mayor Alan Littman’s commentary on Mesquite not being Vegas-like.  My wife & I just moved here in May, and I must agree with him. I lived in Vegas for the last 25 years & Mesquite is nowhere turning into Vegas. The population in my opinion started to increase in Vegas after the Northridge earthquake. If you look in the Nevada section of the Review-Journal any day of the week, you will see crimes of all types, a lot of them, violent. I look in the Mesquite Local News police blotter, & I read about our local police responding to & taking a report of lost keys. Could you imagine calling Metro & telling them you want a policeman to do that. They are so overwhelmed with calls, that they won’t even respond to fender-benders anymore. I, for one love the small-town feel of Mesquite & hope it doesn’t outgrow itself. Mr. Mayor, your commentary was 100% correct.

Tony Frattarola