Senate Republican Leader Michael Roberson announced his candidacy for Lieutenant Governor of Nevada, following last week’s announcement that current Lieutenant Governor Mark Hutchison will not be seeking a second term in 2018.

Roberson was first elected to the Nevada State Senate in 2010, defeating then-incumbent Senator Joyce Woodhouse.  After his first legislative session in 2011, Roberson was elected by his colleagues to serve as leader of the Senate Republican Caucus.  He was easily re-elected to a second term in 2014, earning more than 60 percent of the vote in his swing district.

“I am excited today to announce my candidacy for Lieutenant Governor of the great state of Nevada,” Roberson said.  “With the experience, I have gained as a business attorney, assisting numerous job providers in Nevada’s leading economic industries, as well as serving the people of our great state in elected office, I believe I am uniquely qualified for this position.  It would be an exciting opportunity to lead our Nevada Tourism Commission, representing our state’s largest economic industry.  I will also seek to assist our next Governor in growing and diversifying our economy, expanding education opportunities for all Nevada families and presiding over our state senate during legislative sessions.”

Roberson has been a passionate fighter for Nevada’s families and taxpayers, serving as one of the most consequential and effective legislative leaders this past decade.  Roberson led the effort to bring Uber and Lyft to Nevada, resulting in thousands of new jobs for Nevadans.  He has also led the fight-and continues to lead the fight-to keep our families and communities safe by preventing sanctuary cities in Nevada.

Among other notable accomplishments, Roberson has dedicated his public life to helping pass meaningful economic, education, regulatory, tort, construction defect, PERS and collective bargaining reforms that have saved millions of dollars for Nevada taxpayers and employers.

“As a private citizen, prior to entering elected office, I often discussed with friends and family our shared frustrations about elected officials who were either too ineffective to accomplish big things, or too beholden to special interests to even try,” Roberson continued.  “That’s why when I was ultimately elected to serve the people of Nevada, I rolled up my sleeves and got to work trying to accomplish big things, achieving victories on behalf of the people of Nevada while upholding the public trust.”

“There are a number of reforms I am proud to have helped pass through the legislature, but I am probably most proud of leading the effort to reorganize the nation’s fifth-largest school district – the Clark County School District – which had been talked about for decades, but without any success,” Roberson added.  “With some key legislative allies and the support of Governor Sandoval, we finally got it done and continue to fight off efforts to roll back our efforts.

“In addition, political candidates too often campaign on stamping out the improper influence of special interests over the politicians they seek to influence,” Roberson concluded. “Nevada voters were fed these promises for decades, with little to no action or success.  That is why I led the effort to pass a true gift ban in the legislature so that lobbyists and special interests could no longer wine and dine politicians, and shower them with gifts and favors.  This was an effort to not only do the right thing, but to try to help restore the public trust that has unfortunately lost so much ground and caused significant resentment and distrust amongst the voters of our state.”

Roberson is currently an attorney with the law firm of Kolesar & Leatham.  He lives in Henderson with his wife, Liberty Leavitt-Roberson, a fifth-generation Nevadan, who is the Graduation Initiative Coordinator for the Clark County School District, as well as with their dogs, Winston and Franklin.

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