There can be little doubt in any regular reader’s mind about my political loyalties. I’m not sure why I think I have the chops to opine with you because my track record for picking presidents isn’t very good. I’ve been voting since 1968 (voting age was 21 way back then) and had to write in a candidate because neither major party choice suited me–yes, I wrote in Gene McCarthy. Since then I’ve voted in every election and picked exactly two Oval Office sitters. I’m two for nine–that’s .222. If I were a major league batter I’d be on the bench.

That aside, I’m going to lecture Democrats here. I hate to turn away readers, but if you are just not interested in anything that smacks of blue politics, you should stop reading now.

Democrats–We’re so bland we make oatmeal seem like jalapeño poppers!

There is no doubt that today’s executive branch is a rudderless dingy floating adrift. There has been little of substance come out of this White House in seven months. They can’t quit bickering with each other. Every time a real issue like tax reform, healthcare, or infrastructure comes up the Republicans would rather begin a conversation about whether or not it is a good idea to lie about meetings with foreign governments, or whether or not there should be, yet another, shake-up in office staff.

There hasn’t been a Democrat interviewed on television in weeks. They don’t have to abase the president; his own party is doing that for them. Democratic votes don’t even get counted when considering legislation; the congressional leaders simply look for how many Republican defectors there will be before folding their cards.

GOP poll numbers are abysmal. Of course, the polls have been wrong, but I doubt that heartens the serious Republicans much.

Democrats should be riding high. Democrats should be dancing in the streets. We should be shredding tickertape. Well, we’re not. We’re twiddling our thumbs, sitting on the sidelines, and waiting for lightning to strike.

Overheard, “Oh gee, 2020 is so far away and so much can happen. Making presidential plans now is wasted effort.” Twiddle, twiddle.

That thinking is wrong! Democrats are foundering and wasting precious time.  Nobody, including me, wants a three and a half year campaign. But, Democrats need a face now. Mr. Trump stands behind a podium and makes outrageous misstatements about everything American. The media and masses shout out, but there is no distinct Democrat to take him on face to face, word for word. It is time to start the 2020 presidential debates today.

We don’t get to choose who is going to be POTUS. People choose to run and we get to pick one of them. Traditionally that person starts to emerge two years before the vote and gathers some steam 18 months to a year ahead of Election Day. But, these are not normal political times.

I’d rather see former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean as Democratic National Committee chair. He’s got better ideas and more energy than former Sec. Tom Perez, who is in that position now, but I don’t want Dean to run. I don’t want Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, or Hillary Clinton to run either. I’m of the same mind as the Queen of England. It’s time to skip the retirement-age Baby Boomers and go for the Gen Xers and Millennials.

I could name a dozen Democrats who have the skills, intelligence, and temperament to become a quality president. I’m not going to suggest one, but I am making a plea, loud and clear, that one of you; a Governor, Senator, Representative, military expert (probably not a business tycoon) step up now.

You, Sir or Madam, may think it’s too early, or you’re not ready. It isn’t too early, and you’ll never be completely ready until you plop down behind that Resolute desk.  Today is the day we need a face, and a strong voice to put up against Donald Trump. There is too much political fodder slipping away. We need to take the debate to him and force him to answer for his outrageous behavior. We need a quality person who is willing to dive out of the relative safety of the frying pan.

If you volunteer, you’ll be mobbed with support to help make the case for our issues. We’ve always believed all humans are created equal and each one deserves the chance to achieve. We need to be proud of our 320 million person community, and that our government is organized to help that community thrive. In addition, the community needs to pitch in with Herculean efforts to make the American experiment continue to succeed.

Our ideals include commitments to healthcare as a right; saving the earth with science, research, and product development that includes jobs; bringing honor to our country by offering consistent and humane assistance to a global community; taking the focus of education away from private and religious groups and refocusing on promoting public education. There is more. But today, those ideals are not being articulated and it is making us look unorganized and even weaker than the Republican sideshow.

One brave soul thinking about running–you’re out there–step up. Fill the void. We need you.