WCFA’s featured pet is Skylar.  Skylar is about 9 months old. He is neutered and current on vaccines. Skylar likes to cuddle and enjoys kisses on his head. He is a friendly, happy young man. Skylar weighs 9 lbs.

If you are interested in any of our pets, please go to www.wecareforanimals.org  where you can see all of our adoptable pets and you can complete an adoption application. For more information call us at 702-346-3326 (voicemail), call Karen at 435-862-9574 or Linda at 702-376-1642. Next pet adoption is August 26  9:00 am – 12:00 pm  (please note these are our summer hours) at Suite 1, 150 N. Yucca. Questions? Email us at wcfanv@gmail.com.  Follow us on Facebook at facebook.com/wecareforanimalsmesquitenv.  Please call us to schedule a visit with our pets at a mutually convenient time.

Other Available Pets: 


Kittens.  We still have three kittens available for adoption—Devon, tiger and white; Cody, cream colored; Zoey, tiger and white.  These kittens have been socialized and are doing extremely well and will be well adjusted, happy kittens for any family.  All have been checked by the vet and they just need time to adjust and grow into sweet, adoptable felines.  If you are interested in adopting a kitten please complete our adoption application at www.wecareforanimals.org.  All of these kittens are now listed on our website.

Izzy is a handsome gray and white stripe with patches of white.  Izzy is playful and very loving.  He is about 5 ½ months old. Izzy is current on vaccines and altered.  He is hoping he will find his new forever family soon.

Simon and Sandstorm are two orange/white 4-5 month old kittens.  Both of these young men are gentle, friendly, and loving felines.  These two are housed at Mesquite Veterinary Clinic and you should call them if you are interested in either or both of these sweet guys.  You should call 702-346-2456.


Tia is a beautiful brindle pit who loves to play fetch and brings the ball back to you! As we get to know Tia better, we are discovering she is a very smart, sweet girl.  Tia is gentle when she greets children. She enjoys playing with other playful dogs. She has spent time with small, medium and large respectful dogs and has been perfect with them. Tia is an active girl who needs lots of exercise. Tia is doing really well on her leash training.  Tia would be perfect for an active person(s) or family. She would enjoy having a yard and a playful doggy companion would be a plus. She knows sit, stay, down, shake. She rides very well in a car. Tia is approximately four years of age and house trained. She weighs 60 lbs, is spayed, current on her vaccines and is micro chipped. To express interest in Tia, please complete our online application at wecareforanimals.org
WCFA offers a wonderful low-cost/free opportunity to spay/neuter your pets to prevent accidental litters and keep your pet happy and healthy. We will always alter feral cats to be released back in their environment.  Our target areas are Mesquite, Bunkerville and the Arizona Strip.  Spay/Neuter Assistance Applications are available at Mesquite Veterinary Clinic located at 371 Riverside Road and Virgin Valley Veterinary Hospital at 660 Hardy Way.  You may also call WCFA at 702-346-3326 to leave a message or visit wecareforanimals.org to contact us by email.  Half of all litters born in the U.S. are accidents that overburden shelters and rescues.