August 17, 1898: Third crop of Lucerne cut. Worms invested it badly.

August 20, 1908: James S Abbott raised 33 bushels of wheat without irrigation more than any of the other farmers raised with irrigation. There is a fine crop of seedless raisins at this year at the farm. He expects a 1oo tons of cured raisins.

August 18, 1915: Jos H Reber has a force of men and teams repairing the roads in this part of Arizona. A good road between here and Mesquite NV is being made so to avoid the crossing the Virgin River.

August 17, 1916:  Bunkerville: The cement work on the new school is about finished.

August 16, 1917: Misses Juanita and Leah Leavitt of Bunkerville are returning home Tuesday after their visit to friends in Washington County.