Summer will be coming to a close soon; the kids are returning to school, depending where you reside, and adults will be looking forward to some quieter times. Weekends will remain busy, and before you know it…holidays will be fast approaching. That’s right; about three and a half months out. As for me, I feel like taking a long snooze, maybe with a drink in hand with that cute colorful umbrella on the end of my toothpick, accompanied by pineapple or maraschino cherries. Yes, it’s like the mother who went viral posting herself floating in the pool, on the first day her kids went back to school. My children are all grown now, but I have awesome memories from when they attended, some years ago. I get tired of the day to day routine stuff, so I need to break it up a bit. So for now, it is my hope for all of you…to take a break; breathe in some fresh air and slowly exhale. Look at some flowers before they’re gone, maybe take in a sunset somewhere…smile and give thanks for being here today. Relax and fill your thoughts with heartfelt memories of days gone by and be grateful for those that have touched your life with their love, knowing it’s been the greatest gift of all.


Make your week count.