Andrew Yeh shot a one under par 71 at Falcon Ridge on Tuesday and as predicted took over first place in the summer Fed Ex Net score tournament in the MMGA. He is now eight pts ahead of Fred Emmons. Hal Rundle has moved up to third and Ben Bishop has dropped into fourth. The best net score of the day was shot by Joel Reilly with a gross of 85 and a net of 65. Andrew Yeh’s 71 was a net 67 and Tom Durenberger and Dick Swayne were tied for third with net 68.


Hal Rundle shot one of his better rounds of golf in quite awhile shooting a one under par 35 on the front side, at the Casablanca on Thursday, and a 43 on the back for 78. His playing partners, Andrew Yeh scored 38-38-76 for medalist and the other player, Gene Scavetta, also had a nice 18 holes of 38-41-79 for second low gross. Rundle’s nice round propelled him into first place in the MMGA Fed Ex Net Summer tournament by 25pts over Yeh. Rundle’s net was 66 and worth 320 first place points. Scavetta and Tom Durenberger tied for second and third net and each got 285pts. The oddity of the day was shot by Manny Lira who recorded 10 six’s in his round.

The next scheduled play is Tuesday, August 8th at Falcon Ridge at 7:00 and Thursday August 10th at the Canyons at 7:00. Always check your signup sheets for any corrected times or places. Anyone interested in joining the MMGA can call 702-346-5636. Also check out our website at www.mesquitemensgolf .com.