August 5, 1962: Sheriff Oscar Abbott arrests James Henry Meador. Meador at the time was wanted by the FBI.

August 6, 1910: Clerks and Judges were appointed for the primary election on Sept 6. For Mesquite they were: Abram Woodbury, W.E.Abbott and Jas E. Hughes and Bunkerville: Henry Adams,Frank T Cox and Orange W Leavitt.

August 8, 1914: School Funding for Bunkerville: Children enrolled 113 funds allocated $608.,89, Mesquite:  Children enrolled 101, funds allocated $566.75.

August 9, 1909: For the last few days we have had exceedingly warm weather but was cooled this afternoon by a gentle rain.

August 9, 1909: The threshing is all done. T.H.Adams raised 1200 Bushels.

August 9, 1912: Miss Ethel Bunker entertained a crowd at her home with an ice cream party.