By Barb King

True to her wish list this year, Marianne Johnstone  has held her seventh monthly mystery dinner play.  This time the participants were at a fiesta in Adios, Mexico.  They were gathered on the patio of the Hasta La Vista Cantina to solve the stabbing death of wealthy Senora Margarita, who was turning the sleepy little town into a First Class Resort.  Someone did not like that,  and the killer was among the crowd  watching fireworks the night of the fatal murder.

Characters, all dressed in local attire were:  Kay Pasa, a photographer, aka Jill Faulkner; Desert Flower, an Indian maiden, aka Liz Etie; Warren Peace, writer, aka Fay Blair; Don Juan Diablo, a wealthy landowner, aka Eve Mikutowicz; Rusty Pick, prospector, aka Annie Shoell; Senorita Bonita, Margarita’s sister, aka Caroline Pope; Sargeant Honesto Seguro, police officer, aka newcomer Janice Martinez; and Windy Skies, a hot-air balloonist, aka Marianne Johnstone.  We were told that Windy Skies hadn’t landed yet, and might drop in late, which she did.  It was hilarious.

Introductions and accusations were made by all.  Everything flowed smoothly with the help of Senora Barbarita, the narrator and owner of the Cantina, aka Barb King.  She interjected recaps and updates of the various discussions that took place between the suspects.

Three courses of dinner were served by hostess, Marianne Johnstone and her kitchen staff, Linda Adams and Joan Greenhalgh. There were drinks and chips with guacamole, followed by pulled pork and chicken soft tacos with all the trimmings.

Photographers were Mike Gill and Vivian McDonald.

Not until after guesses were made as to who killed the Senora, was the culprit’s name exposed by the narrator.  Everyone gasped when the killer was named by Senora Barbarita.  No one had guessed  correctly.  At the end, a delicious, first-time dessert was served, which was fried ice cream.

These parties are such fun and everyone shares ideas in the different stages of planning as to foods and costuming. It is simple to read the scripts, but some people are so comfortable in their roles, that they burst out with outrageous ad-libs at times.

If you are interested in participating in these fun events, give Johnstone a call at 702-345-4459 to get on her “will-call” list.  You won’t regret it.