Many calls that the Police Department receives are not always included in the blotter, as they are under investigation or a synopsis is not received. To show the amount of work our PD does do, we are including a weekly roster of stats. This week, there were 120 total incidents in the blotter:

Abandoned Vehicle 1

Agency assistance 12

Alarm 7

Animal complaint 1

Background investigation 1

Citizen assist 6

Civil Dispute 3

Civil matter 2

Controlled substance problem 5

Dead body 1

Domestic violence 2


Found property 1

Fraud 3

Intoxicated person 1

K9 search 2

Keep the peace 1

Lost property 2

Minor gambling 1

Miscellaneous CAD call report 1

Noise disturbance 1

Person on foot 7

Phone harassment 1

Property damage, non-vandalism 7

Reckless driver 3

Suspicious person 12

Suspicious Vehicle 8

Theft   3

Theft from vehicle 1

Threatening 2

Traffic accident w/o injuries 4

Traffic accident with damage 1

Traffic accident with injuries 1

Traffic problem 6

Traffic Stop 3

Transport 1

Trespassing 2

Unknown problem 3

Verbal dispute 1

VIN Number inspection 4

Wanted person 3

Welfare check 7

July 16:

Robbery: Officers responded to a W. Mesquite Blvd.  RV park on a report of a disturbance. One male subject was arrested for robbery with a deadly weapon and other charges. There were no injuries and the investigation is ongoing.

Theft: An officer responded to an E Pioneer Blvd.  casino on a report of a theft. An adult male was cited for defrauding an innkeeper, and trespassed from the casino.

Traffic accident W/O injury: Officer responded to an E. Pioneer Blvd. casino for an accident report.

July 17:

Lost Property: An officer responded to a Mesa Blvd. gas station reference a report for a lost/stolen/missing wallet. No wallet was in the store or adjacent areas.

Traffic Stop: An officer impounded a vehicle as the result of a traffic stop.

July 18:

Domestic battery: Responded to a W. Mesquite Blvd. casino on a report of a domestic battery. Spoke with parties involved and female was taken into custody.

Found Property: Spoke with resident who found a cell phone in front of her residence. Phone was collected and an attempt will be made to locate the owner.

Fighting IP: Responded to the hospital on a report of a disorderly patient. Medical staff had subject calmed and placed in a secure area prior to officer arrival.

Traffic Accident w/ Injuries: An officer responded to an injury accident involving a golf cart. An adult female was transported to Mesa View Hospital for minor injuries, and given a citation for reckless driving.

Fraud: Police took a report for a fraud.

Traffic accident W/O injury: An officer responded to a minor property damage vehicle accident.

Property damage, non-vandalism: An officer responded to a local park for property damage.

Dead Body: Responded to Tucson St. address on a report of a deceased person. Medical was on scene upon arrival and advised subject was in fact deceased.

Fraud: Past fraudulent transaction at bank.

Mental Person: Officers responded to the police department lobby to assist a citizen.

Theft: Officer was dispatched to a local Grocery store for a male who had stolen

batteries from the electric grocery carts from the rear of the store. Upon

arrival the male subject had already left the area. Investigation is still on


July 19:

Graffiti: Officers respond to Old Mill park, reference a graffiti incident. Graffiti was

documented, investigation on going.

Theft: Officer responded to a W. Pioneer Blvd. store about a theft. One male subject was issued a citation and released with a court date.

Weapon Offense IP: Officers responded to a call-in reference to an intoxicated male shooting a handgun at the park.

July 20:

Trespassing: Officers respond to a Mesa Blvd.  apartment complex reference a male subject reported to be trespassing. Officer contacted the subject who was issued a citation and released with a court date.

Property damage, non-vandalism: Officers responded to a local park reference graffiti to the bathroom structure. Officers took photographs and forwarded the information to the City Works department for clean-up.

Fraud: Officers respond to a W. Pioneer Blvd.  store, reference a fraud incident. Officers took a report, investigation is ongoing.

Traffic accident W/O injury: Officers responded to an E. Pioneer Blvd. casino parking lot reference a private property accident without injuries.  Both drivers exchanged insurance information.

July 21:

Domestic Violence: Officers responded to a report of a domestic disturbance. One adult male was

arrested for domestic battery 2nd offense.

Graffiti: Officers responded to a W. Mesquite Blvd.  casino parking lot reference graffiti to parking lot curbing.  Officers photographed and documented the graffiti without further incident.

Traffic accident w/ damage: An officer completed a report of private property damage.

Found property: Officers booked a found wallet into safekeeping.

DUI: An officer conducted a traffic stop for a lane violation. The driver was found to be under the influence of alcohol and arrested for DUI.

July 22:

Minor Gambling: An officer responded to a W. Mesquite Blvd.  casino for a report of minor gambling. One male subject was issued a citation for underage gaming.

Traffic Stop: An officer conducted a traffic stop, that resulted in a citation for open container and other violations.

Fraud: Officers responded to the Police lobby for a report of a fraud. Upon arrival, a couple of Mesquite residents informed the Officers their face book was hacked and the person posed as one of their friends. The person eventually tried to obtain money through false pretenses. The RP caught on to the scam and did not send any money or give any information to the hacker. The RP wanted to make an incident to make law enforcement aware of what was going on and hopefully to warn others.

Trespassing: Officers were called to a Mesa Blvd. casino for an intoxicated male who was refusing to leave, screaming profanities, and trying to provoke physical confrontation with employees. Upon investigation, a male was taken into custody as he was continuing to cause a disturbance.