July 20, 1910: In Littlefield B Jarvis Jr. of St George UT was here on the 17th to install a gasoline engine and pump for S. Reber. It is a complete success and raises 70 inches of water 17ft a minute., it is only a 5 and a 1/2 horse power. It is a very good investment for all that live along the river. Mr. Jarvis is a good man to do business with for he surely understands how to run a gasoline engine. 

July 21, 1917: Las Vegas Age news reports “Military Draft Completed Friday at Washington” There were 687,000 men in the first call 2,000 from Clark County with D.A. Abbott of Mesquite being one. 

July 23, 1915: The Bunkerville Beehive Girls (church youth group aged 12 -13 years old) came to Mesquite to give the old folks a party. Refreshments were served and everyone had an enjoyable time. 

July 24, 1882: Men continue to repair canal from flood damage 12 men down with the chills leaving 9 available to continue the work.