Have you considered a job in the medical field? Check out this short term program that will prepare you for a medical job in just 16 weeks! CSN Mesquite will be offering a Nursing Assistant program during Fall 2017 semester. This program prepares graduates to perform basic nursing and restorative care for patients involving safety, personal hygiene, nutrition, mobility, basic mental health, protection of the patient and the patient’s rights, observing the patient and reporting to the nurse. Students will be required to enroll in the following: NURS 130 Lecture-Online, NURS 130 Lab Thursdays 6:00pm-9:05pm and NURS 130 Clinical (Highland Manor) Fridays 2:00pm-8:50pm. Successful completion of this program prepares students for the Nevada Certification Exam. Enrollment is limited. High School juniors and seniors may take this course for a discounted rate. Fall 2017 registration is currently in progress. For information on prerequisites, cost and enrollment please call CSN Mesquite at 702-346-2485.