Trucks have been around for generations, but what seemed to be of normal size, for a truck that is…has completely changed today. I remember when I sold my first truck, back in 1989; I was in sales. It was a standard Dodge Ram, with two doors and a bench seat. The interior was basic with an Am/FM radio and still had crank windows. If you were looking for more than that, then it needed to be ordered, preferably in an upgraded package. Since those times, trucks have evolved, giving them luxury options with all the bells and whistles; from the inside out. What use to be the ‘Norm’ for the average truck buyer has taken a sharp turn, and when it comes to knowledge of this beast (Truck), we are clearly dealing with a connoisseur of sorts; everyone wants it supersized.

It was 2011 when I arrived in Texas, and I couldn’t help but notice the size of their trucks, as they were some of the largest I’d ever seen. With very large wheels and rims, not to mention the ‘lift’, these trucks were monster size. Texas roads are full of trucks, and as the years went by…the size increased. Massive truck size seems to be important to many of the male species today, and while some look at it like ‘peacocking’ others feel that they are safer when driving them on the highways today. There are all kinds of people that like their trucks, but I don’t believe the average auto driver was prepared for these types of trucks, and now they’re in every state across the country. They’ve invaded the parking lots and take up too much room, and while it’s evident that cities or businesses didn’t plan for their parking needs, proper spacing has since become an issue. Trucks of larger size stick way out and beyond the average automobile. I’ve been in several parking garages, where these trucks take up more than one space, while causing blind spots, because you cannot see beyond the length or height of them. If automakers want to continue to build these monster size trucks, then the cities, and or states should have parking regulations for them. I’m not a hater of them, and I enjoy riding in them, but it’s not fun driving behind one of these on our highways today, as I’m constantly trying to see around them for traffic and construction reasons. It’s definitely a pet-peeve of mine. If you insist on driving this large of vehicle, then you should be more mindful of others, as we know the damage it can cause, including death.

People purchasing trucks today aren’t necessarily buying for a particular reason, such as towing or hauling. They’re buying them for the sake of having it, that’s all. They take kids to school in them, shopping, Sunday drives, you name it… but the real story is all for show. Some of them actually look like huge Tonka Trucks, remember those? Anyhow, maybe the D.O.T. (Department of transportation) can require specific driving lanes for trucks over a certain weight or height; like bridges do. There are rules of the road, and yes I know because I’ve had a CDL for many years, but unfortunately it’s not required for larger trucks or recreational vehicles, like motorhomes…and my question is “Why not?” The average driver has had to take a backseat to these larger trucks; driving behind them on a highway is difficult to see, parking spaces are limited because they cross over & beyond average lines, and not all drivers know common courtesy on the highway today. Last but not least…I will leave you with this; if you are looking to purchase a large vehicle, for whatever reason, don’t ask the sales person about how much it costs in fuel or the mileage it gets…because if you have to ask, most likely you can’t afford it.

Make your week count.