Mesquite Men’s Golf Association


Ron Bankson beat out three players for medalist on Tuesday at the Palms. Bubba Petrick, Dana Schultz and Bob Chambers all thought they were tied for low gross at 80 until Dana Schultz broke their hearts turning in his score of 79. Chambers didn’t seem to mind since his 80 won him low net for the second straight time at 68. It also means he holds on to his lead in the summer fed ex trny. When he leaves town next week that will all change. Bankson turned in the best nine holes with a one under par 35 on the front nine aided by birdies on 2, 7 and 8. Second best nine was an even par 36 on the back nine by Bubba Petrick. That was followed by Dana Schultz’s one over par 37 on the back.


I know this is a first ever for the winner of an MMGA event. Bubba Petrick shot a one under par 35 on the front side and a 41 on the back for his winning score of 76. It included a six putts on the par three 14th hole at the Palms. He also recorded four birdies on holes 1, 5, 10 and 16. Ron Bankson was just one shot back at 77 with his 38-39 scores. Pat Smitty was third with a nice 79. Smitty and Ben Bishop were tied for first place low net. A tie that lasted for six holes before Smitty won it with a par on the par five 15th. Bishop was rewarded with 300 second place pts that put him in to first place in the fed ex tournament knocking Bob Chambers into second place.

The next scheduled play is Tuesday, June 13th at Coral Canyon at 9:30local time and Thursday June 15th at the Casablanca at 6:30. Always check your signup sheets for any corrected times or places. Anyone interested in joining the MMGA can call 702-346-5636. Also check out our website at www.mesquitemensgolf .com.