Not in Order Oliva Vega, Brittny Wilson and Karen Yanez perform “For Good” during the commencement ceremonies held on May 26 for the 2017 Beaver Dam Graduating Class. Photo by Teri Nehrenz

Beaver Dam students are finished with their primary educational experiences and are ready to move on to life and or secondary studies in either a trade school or college.

On Friday, May 26 the 2017 senior class graced the halls of the high school for the last time as a student.

Class Valedictorian, Jailene Hernandez and Salutatorian Jacinda Hurt waste no time in turning the tassles, a graduation tradition which marks the end of one stretch of life and the beginning of another. Photo by Teri Nehrenz

The graduation ceremony was held in the gymnasium which was full of friends and family members waiting for the moment their son, daughter, grandchild or friend walked across the stage to accept the coveted diploma.

Brittney Wilson, Student Body President, acted as Mast of Ceremonies for the occasion. Class Valedictorian, Jailene Hernandez and Salutatorian, Jacinda Hurt both presented eloquent speeches. Honored Speaker, Greg Johnston’s speech about how the small schools have more opportunities than the larger schools really hit home when you consider that 22 students pulled in over $211,000 in scholarship money. Johnston pointed out that there is far more competition for those monies in larger, more crowded schools and the chances for obtaining your piece of the pie is much slimmer.

Students waited patiently for the moment their name was called and gracefully accepted what was to be the proof of their life long accomplishments so far and the beginning of pursuing their dreams that are yet to come true.

Graduating Senior and Student Council President, Brittny Wilson passes through the arch signifying that she is no longer a Beaver Dam High School Student; she is now and forever a Graduate of Beaver Dam High School. Photo by Teri Nehrenz