As new business owners in Mesquite and a vendor participant in Mesquite Days this year, we like many others were disappointed with the weather which had an impact on activities and business etc. We understand that weather has also presented challenges with this event in the past, however you can’t beat mother nature.

What we were NOT disappointed with was the effort made by many to make the event a success. This included witnessing Brenda Snell and Michelle West from the Mesquite Chamber of Commerce work tirelessly to make things right. They were on-site for long hours and were very hands-on from picking up trash to helping vendors reinforce their stands against gusty winds. We would also like to recognize Pastor Dennis Lee of Living Waters Church, who volunteered his own time to provide security services overnight. Due to Mr. Lee’s efforts, vendors were able to leave their stands in place overnight and avoid the timely task of setting up from scratch the next day.

As a vendor, we found the event to be very organized and were grateful to be a part of it. Despite the weather, we met many nice people, had a good amount of sales, and were able to spread the word about our new sports novelty sales business in town. We look for to participating in this particular event and others in Mesquite in the future.

Thank You,

Rich and Karla Vaccaro- East Coast West Coast Connection, LLC