The Virgin River Communities is working toward building a better post office. With the growth to our area, the present structure doesn’t accommodate the amount of packages they sometimes receive and the parking lot is far too small for the amount of traffic that comes and goes.

Committee members are urging community members to send a copy of this letter to the Arizona Postal District Manager stating that you would like to see updates and improvements made to the present structure:

Dear Sir,

We would like to address our concerns for the size of our current post office and parking areas.

This area of Arizona has grown in considerable size and population within the last several years. This has made it almost impossible for our post office staff to be able to handle the incoming mail and outgoing mail. There are times, when the boxes are piled up so high that, we are concerned for their safety and potential for falling over them.

The parking area is not adequate in size to accommodate the number of cars that have to get in and out of the post office location. This is also of great concern, for many of our senior citizens, not only walking into the post office across the parking lot, but trying to get in and out of the parking area. There is only room for one handy capped parking slot, which also is not enough for the number of citizens in our area. Most of these citizens are retired senior citizens.

We would appreciate your office, giving serious consideration, to increasing not only the size of the post office, but also all the parking areas as well.


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Show them that the Arizona Strip cares and mail the letter to the address below:


Attn.; Mr. John Diperi

Arizona Postal District Manager

4949 E. Van Buren St.

Phoenix, AZ 85026

Subject: Littlefield post office

There is no email address available for the above addressee but for your convenience the MLN will add a online version of the letter which can be sent via email, from your email address to:

Sue Brennan Sr. Public Relations Representative Areas of expertise: Consolidations, logistics, mail delivery, mail processing, military mail, postal operations, Post Offices, real estate, election mail.

For more information on building a better postal parking lot and how you can help, contact Barbie Parker with the VRC at or Barb Daniels at


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