Leaks, leaks, everywhere. In the last few months leaks have appeared everywhere and have damaged our republic and its’ relationship with foreign countries, and even has done damage within our country. Some make the case for transparency, but others say it is damaging to affairs of state. In the relationship between countries sometimes confidentiality is important and even necessary to protect national interests. 

Many times in dealing with other countries we must conceal some facts and feelings. When these private feelings are revealed it can be very detrimental to diplomacy and relationships. 

Sometimes it can even lead to very undesirable consequences. Leaking insider information can hurt the country severely and it is not in the best interest of the people or the country. Some leaks could be considered treason. 

The perceived revelation about the discussions with Russian Foreign Minister is a perfect example of someone leaking information, whether true or not, it hurts our relationship with other security services.  When someone leaks their opinion of what was said or revealed that is something that hurts America overall.  

Does this hurt Trump, no he is still supported by his supporters but America is weakened. Yet the same distracters are still convinced and want to destroy him and his administration, but he is still in charge and will be for the next few years but our country is weakened, some might consider this treason. 

Then there is the Democratic obstructionism in congress which tries to block confirmation of cabinet positions and any other appointments. Yes, the nominees’ political position is different than the democrats but the Presidency should be supported regardless of personal individual position on issues. This type of obstructionism only hurts America because the government can’t get leaders into their positions. 

This blocking of the work of government only weakens all of us and does not contribute to progress. The Senate has the right and obligation to vet nominees but does not have the right to block someone just because the person believes differently than the Democratic Party. Some might consider this an attempt to bring down our form of government by blocking it from functioning.  

Imagine some party trying to bring our type of government to a stop and prevent it from functioning. Our government has been working for almost 250 years and over that time there has been many differences but never since the Civil War has a party tried to block government from working. Voting against a bill is something of conscience but blocking an appointment without reason except to block the other party is far different. Some might consider this attempt to destroy our government.

The statements by Chuck Schumer, that they (Democrats) will not allow a new FBI director to be appointed unless they get a special prosecutor, somehow this seems a little like blackmail, no it is blackmail. I would hope that all Americans think that the FBI should have a leader. Letting the FBI drift will hurt all Americans. Is the job of the Senate to undermine the security of our country?  

Think about all these actions to block our government from successful operation. It is one thing to oppose a position but to attempt to block government from its duties is something else. We used to hear the term “Loyal Opposition” but we do not hear that today. These facts all raise the question, Are these people Patriots or Conspirators trying to destroy our America government and our way of life?