From left to right is teacher John Felix, who oversees and teaches the woodshop program, Calee Clem, Logan Felix, Kris Leavitt and Tracy Vogel. The four students came in first and second for their woodshop projects and received one of several prizes that was donated by local businesses. Photo by Stephanie Clark.

Gerri Chasko, center, was recognized at Tuesday night’s CTE Night at Virgin Valley High School for the crucial role the Eureka Community Initiative has played in starting the Culinary Arts Program at Virgin Valley High School. Yori Ludvigson, left, and Chef Chris Noone, right, presented Chasko with some thank you gifts after letting the crowd know how the ECI donated thousands of dollars for basic equipment that the school’s student kitchens lacked. “They have been absolutely amazing,” said Noone. “We wouldn’t be here without them, that’s for sure.” Photo by Stephanie Clark.



Arts teacher Tyler Roylance showed off some of his projects that the students in his art and photography classes had made throughout the year. Roylance also has a small pottery studio at the school that he is looking to build upon within the next year. Photo by Stephanie Clark.

The FFA Class, which began as a before-school program in 2010 and has now grown to six classes a day, presented several projects throughout the night. One of those were the baby chicks they have cared for since before they hatched. Photo by Stephanie Clark.

McKay Magoon came to VVHS on CTE Night as part of the FFA demonstration, as he showed people how to care for horses’ hooves. Photo by Stephanie Clark.

Chef Chris Noone and his students prepared some finger foods for Tuesday night’s CTE Night at Virgin Valley High School including meatball sliders, shrimp wonton and mac and cheese balls. His Culinary Arts Program is fresh this year, and will ensure that students completing the three-year series will be workforce ready upon graduation. Photo by Stephanie Clark.




Hazi Luna and other studemts peruse the media room where students in the Video Production and Digital Game Design programs work during their classes. Photo by Stephanie Clark.

Gerri Chasko and other attendees visit several departments within the VVHS FFA program, including flowers, cheese and ice cream making. Photo by Stephanie Clark.