The VVHS Boys Golf team warms up at the driving range at the CasaBlanca Golf Course on April 18. Left to right are Josh Tyrrell, Brayden Johnson, Nathan Hulet, Hogan Fowles. Submitted photo.

We played at Casablanca on April 18 where we hosted the match. We were excited to play at Casablanca because of the layout of the golf course and also because of the conditions and the way it sets up for a tournament. We couldn’t be more grateful to Brian Wursten, Tom Winchester and all the staff at Casablanca for making the tournament operate so smoothly! Sugar & Judy Metz also catered food for the kids and made sure they were all taken care of so we want to thank them as well. The morning warming up and practicing couldn’t have been any more perfect. The weather was cooperating up until the second group started teeing off and then you could feel it getting breezy. By the time the last group had teed off, the winds picked up to 20 mph. When the boys had made the turn, the winds picked up to 35-40 mph. The boys should be experts at playing in high winds because it seems like every tournament we have played in this year has been windier than we could ever expected. 

For the Bulldogs, Hogan Fowles shot an 81 and took second place; Nathan Hulet shot a 103 and took ninth place; Brayden Johnson shot a 108 and took eleventh place; and Britton Wilson missed the cut.

The first tournament after Spring Break is tough because we are striving to shake off the rust coming off a week of vacation. The good thing is, it highlights our weakness by humbling us and gives us motivation to get ready for the next tournament.  The next tournament will be on April 24 at Las Vegas National.