There is a new scam making its way into your mailbox this week.

Thanks to a local reader, the Mesquite Local News has learned of a new scam that has been around for a while, but may be coming into the area this week.

It’s a Priority Mail envelope from the USPS. It looks legitimate.

Once opened, there is a letter that gives detailed instructions on what is to be done. It says that you have applied to be a Secret Shopper.

The top of the letter has the name Kroger on it, but it’s not the Kroger logo. The check that is accompanying the letter also looks legit, but after investigation, it is clear that there is nothing legitimate about this package. The address on the check doesn’t match the address on the envelope or the address on the return mailing package. There’s a dead giveaway of a scam right there.

Bottom line, regardless of how anything is received, either through the mail, email or by text message and it requires you to cash a large check first, throw it away. Don’t even reply to it. There are so many ways that scammers can install a virus or malicious code into your device that may cause even more trouble for you.