It gets hot in the desert, especially during the day in the summer months. For residents and visitors who crave the outdoors, whether it be hiking, biking or rock-climbing, the timeframe to complete these activities can be restrictive.

Local residents Rusty Hughes and Ammon Arave, the dark of night provided cooler temperatures to do the things they loved, but the lighting products they had access to restricted their visibility and they couldn’t see what all was around them.

Flashlights and normal headlamps give the user tunnel vision.

To solve the problem, Hughes and Arave created a new product called One80 light.

It’s been about three years in development, but with a successful crowdfunding event in April 2016, the product has been improved over and over again and is finally ready for the world.

“We already have international distributers,” said Hughes. “We have Japan, New Zealand, Belgium and the Netherlands.” One80 will be sold to those distributers who will then place the products in their marketplaces for the public to buy.

Arave also mentioned that they had previously been approached by QVC, a popular home-shopping network, but declined due to manufacturing challenges at the time.

“We’re going to do this slowly and do it right,” said Hughes.

To this point, they haven’t even marketed their product. All of their products have been sold on Amazon or locally through friends and family. “It’s crazy how our customers keep coming back and buying more,” said Hughes. “They have found that it is something everyone could use and makes a great Christmas gift.”

Their products have proven to be good enough that with the help and collaboration of Mesquite Department of Athletics and Leisure Services Director Nick Montoya, the One80 lights will be used in the first 5k and 10k races during the annual Mesquite Days celebration on May 5.

All participants of the races are required to wear lights, and will be able to order one of the One80 lights at the time of registration. Hughes and Arave are practically giving away their product for the event, as the lights generally retail at $49 each. For the 5k race, to include the One80 is only $55. For the 10k race with the One80 it is only $60. To enter the races without purchasing one of the One80s, and bring your own light, it is $30 and $35 respectively.

A new battery is set to be released around the time of the races for the One80 and will also allow for a low and a high setting for the LED lights.

Deadline to register for the Light Up The Night Races is April 15. All registrations received after that will be increased by $5 each. To register, go to or go to the Mesquite Recreation Center at 100 W. Old Mill Rd. during normal business hours.