With the recent news surrounding Sears Holdings Corporation(SHC), We want to assure our customers and trade partners that we are going strong and will continue providing the community access to the brands they love and need. Sears Holdings Corporation will be required to honor all protection agreements and manufacture parts for seven years to be able to provide availability for fifteen years.


Sears Hometown Stores (SHO) are not a part of Sears Holdings Corporation.  Sears Hometown and Outlet Stores, Inc. (NASDAQ: SHOS) separated from Sears Holdings Corporation in October 2012 and is a completely separate, publicly-traded company.  The news from Sears Holdings is in no way a reflection of the health of Sears Hometown and Outlet stores.  The local Mesquite store is locally owned and operated and is not going anywhere!  We love our town and being a part of the community. We know we have one of the largest appliance selections within the 50 miles area. We are excited to provide the quality selection of product and customer service you expect.


While we believe Sears Holdings will be around for years to come utilizing several new strategies, we thought it important to explain we are not the same company.  Sears is a big part of American History. From its start by a Minnesota railway station agent selling watches in his spare time to what would soon become the biggest retailer in the world.  We wish this American Icon future success.


Sears Hometown Stores are making significant investments in our future to better meet our customers’ needs.  Our new Why Not Lease It (WNLI) leasing program is growing rapidly giving customers the same deep discounts offered to our cash and credit customers.  Our Commercial Sales program and our new website searshometownstores.com are all a part of our continued Fifty Million dollar effort to adapt and grow in this new retail environment.


Many people have reached out to us this past week.  Thank You for your concern, we value your support and your friendship.  We are not leaving you, we are only getting started!


Come see us soon!

Your Mesquite Sears Hometown team