Mesquite Senior Games competitor shoots for the gold in the 2017 Mesquite Senior Games Pistol Shoot Competition held on April 1 at the Hidden Valley Range. Photo by Teri Nehrenz

Mesquite, Las Vegas and other senior citizens around the area were happy to show Nevada residents that they are perfectly at home on the range. You won’t find any deer and antelope frolicking in the meadows or buffalo roaming on this range though, these seniors are at home on the shooting range.

The Mesquite Senior Games Pistol Shoot, which was held at the Hidden Valley Range on April 1, proved the above statement true as over 50 seniors went for the gold in both rim fire and center fire shooting. Not everyone won a gold medal but everyone felt like a winner just being there. Folks who come from Las Vegas or are from outside Mesquite marvel each year at the improvements in both the efficiency of the experience and in the range, itself.

From 9 a.m. until noon the Mesquite event, always held at the Mesquite Shooters Pistol Club’s Range in Littlefield, AZ, was run like a well-oiled machine at the hands of coordinator Mary Ellen Anderson. The job, not to be taken lightly, was made slightly easier on everyone at the hands of the Mesquite Shooters Pistol Club board members and the club members who continue to contribute and support the range as well as the Mesquite Senior Games.

Susan Redhead of Las Vegas, NV took home the gold in both center and rimfire in her 55-59 age range. Also, bringing home double gold medals were: Pamela Rush of Mesquite, Noretta Huddleson of Beaver Dam, AZ, Jason Brunner of Salt Lake City, UT, Marc Pinjuv of Las Vegas, NV, Mike Morgan and Frederick Juliano from Mesquite.

Top Gun awards were presented to Pamela Rush with a combined score of 663 for the females and Marc Pinjuv for the men with a combined score of 696.

The Mesquite Shooters Pistol Club shoots at the Hidden Valley range every Wednesday and Saturday, 9-11 a.m. The range accepts handguns only but is one of the few ranges that accept rimfire ammunition.

There are fully trained NRA certified Range Safety Instructors to assist you in firearms safety and handling.

Contact Ovid Pinckert 702-346-6314 or Ken Ness 702-613-4170 for more information on the Mesquite Shooters Pistol Club.

Full results for the Mesquite Senior Games Target Pistol event can be viewed by going to when they become available.