Nevada ranked number 4 with 64% of all births paid for by Medicaid.  More than half the babies born in the state were at the taxpayers’ expense because their parents or at least the mother is on some type of welfare.   This is according to The Kaiser Family Foundation which gathered its data on the number of babies born on Medicaid in each state by surveying the state Medicaid directors.

The good news is we’re not number one. That dubious honor belongs to New Mexico which leads the nation with 72%. Arkansas ranked second with 67 percent; Louisiana ranked third with 65 percent and three states—Mississippi, Nevada and Wisconsin—tied for fourth place with 64 percent of babies born paid for by Medicaid.

New Hampshire had the smallest percentage of babies born on Medicaid with only 27 percent of the babies born in 2015 paid for by Medicaid. Our neighbor Utah tied for the next to last position, with only 31 percent of the babies born covered by Medicaid. That is less than half of our state’s rate.

Further examples are California, Florida and Illinois, with 50 percent of all babies born on Medicaid and New York had 51 percent of the babies born. The overall average of all states was 47 percent of all births were paid for by our tax dollars.

In 2008 a study by researchers at George Washington University and the March of Dimes, determined that 40 percent of the births in the United States were covered by Medicaid; and that by 2009 that rate had climbed to 44 percent paid for by Medicaid. In 2014 coverage by Obamacare was extended to thousands of previously uninsured, low-income women. What does all this mean?

It means that we the taxpayers are supporting more and more people not working and living off welfare. This steady increase in the number of people collecting some form of welfare will soon overwhelm the number of people who are paying the bills. As these births grow up and become voters they will insure even more benefits are given out. Makes you wonder how people survived in the past.

We need to change the system completely by requiring all able body people to work at something to receive any benefits. Some might say that is cruel punishment but think about the situation, people sitting around and making more money by not working, than entry level working people are paid. There are plenty of potential jobs to be done. How about babysitting for those working?

We just need to make a decision that no one who can work gets money for not working. Sweep the streets; clean public toilets, clean graffiti and thousands of low level labor jobs. Demeaning? Yes and that is the point, working at something productive is much more fun and can contribute to society. In the great depression people we’re given labor jobs to survive, today we just give money. We are promoting not working.

Let’s make an about-face and reward people for working not sitting around. This will be tough love but we all will be better for it. Some might say but think of the children, think about it if we continue along the path we have been traveling we are condemning them to a life of poverty and dangerous living conditions. We are not doing anybody good by the way we have been “Helping” people with free stuff from the government. Let’s teach the American way of helping those who cannot help themselves and showing others how to work for a living. No More Free Lunch.