What ever happened to picking up the phone to call your friends or family? It seems to be a thing of the past, and for many of us…we don’t seem to understand the reasons behind those that prefer to text or communicate through social media sites today. As for me, I like to hear the voice of my loved ones, as it helps me to feel the emotions of what they might be going through or telling me at that moment. I’m able to hear through their voice if they are happy, hurting, joyful or concerned. We are human… not machines; somewhere along those lines I’ve realized, that those who prefer to text and not speak are most likely not up for any confrontations of sorts, so they can easily hide behind their phones. For others, they feel that they’re able to spare themselves the lengthy phone conversations, but in reality, I think it’s about ‘how’ they feel and ‘how’ emotions come in to play. They’re simply not into feelings and would like to keep it that way, however…it is how we are wired, and being human (with emotions) is in our DNA.

At any given time, walk into a restaurant and watch groups or couples at tables. Most of them have cell phones in hand while waiting for their meals. Conversations are far and few in between these days. I’ve even witnessed retired couples doing the same thing the younger generation does as I sit in disbelief. Recently while attending a public event, I noticed many had their cell phone in their back pockets or in their hands updating their face book status. What has happened to the art of conversations? Is this the society of our future, or can we try to bring back the voices we long to hear? Having actual conversations with one another is the basis for forming relationships. It’s what we need in order to grow; its human contact which helps feed our emotions while engaging in all sorts of feelings. We learn to love one another and form respect for others; it’s so important and valuable, it’s about expression. Currently, the world uses Emoji’s to show expressions; you know… the little yellow faces that have a variety of expressions? You can find these little guys on auto air fresheners, apps on electronic devices, pillows…and the list goes on. What they can’t do is engage; like patting you on the back, or actually kissing you, can’t have coffee with you, can’t cry with you or hug you, they are just an expression which you see but do not feel. We are all human and need contact, meaning in-person conversations; communications as it were.

I’ve written similar articles in the past, so without being redundant, I’d just like to say…next time you think of texting or emailing someone you care about, pick up your phone and use it, speak with someone or actually leave a message, instead of the ole’ hang up routine. I hate it when someone I know calls me but never leaves a message, and why not? I would like to hear your voice; whether it’s sad, happy or worried…it’s okay to be human.

Make your week count.